2017 Volvo S90 the Market Breakthrough

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2017 Volvo S90 is surprisingly fresh. It is a result of an excellent strategy from manufacturer. Previously, this car was ready to be revealed, but the SUV version was presented as most people loved SUV so much lately. This car has quite nice appearance especially with headlight that is said as Thor hammer. The LED as daytime running light is shaped that way, and it somehow increases the alertness and aggressiveness of s90. This four-door sedan is not exlusively made, yet it definitely carries a specialized and unique look. There are several features that are promoted in this car. They are quite useful especially for those who really need assistance.

This large sedan has a feature known as Pilot Assist. The SUV version actually has it, and 2017 Volvo s90 just follows its success. This is a smart system that allows a car to run based on the lane marking. However, the driver still has to put his/her hand on steering wheel to make it work. The speed it allows to work is around 30 – 80 mph, and it is absolutely a cool feature to have fun with. Another feature to accomplish the Pilot Assist is city safety system. As the name suggests, it will try the best to protect the car from colliding when running at either low or high speed especially in city.

All of those new features are completed with decent engine to meet people’s need. The hybrid model with four cylinder is again presented because Volvo thinks it is enough. There are three modes that can be selected such as EV, Hybrid, and Power. All of them are ready to be utilized based on the specific condition the driver wants. All wheel drive, 8-speed automatic, and 316 hp is one trimming offered. The other is turbo only with 2.0 liter displacement with 240 hp for 2017 Volvo s90.

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