2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid with New Garnish

2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid with New GarnishToyota, 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Touring.

2016 Toyota Avalon hybrid is quite interesting to take a look at. More features and embellishments are presented in this car. Previously introduced in 2012, finally this car made its come-back. It is quite weird why this car was not quite famous last year. In fact, this car is quite sporty and elegant for daily journey. The newest Avalon is accomplished with new energy from big grille at front. There is actually a big change since the grille is turned upside down from the previous design. With the aggressive headlight and horizontal turning light, it makes the car look dependable and cool. This is supposed to be a great chance for the legendary Toyota to gain more market share.

Some trimmings are available for this model. They come in different equipment so that people can pick the best for them. Those available trimmings are XLE, XLE Plus, XLE limited, XLE Touring, and XLE Premium. The additional safety system such as lane-departure warning can only be obtained in limited model. In addition, there are also other convenient features including entertainment, connectivity, and accessibility. All of them only can be obtained in higher trimming only. 2016 Toyota Avalon hybrid also gets more customization such as super chrome rims for the exterior. It is not quite important actually, but it definitely changes the Avalon into something more beautiful.

Some embellishment that is presented in the new model is actually not enough for making this car more entertaining. The solution is absolutely from the performance. It can be said that this hybrid car is dependable enough. With 200 hp of 2.5 engine displacement, this car is surely has decent power. Alternatively, it also accompanies an excellent suspension. The improvement makes 2016 Toyota Avalon hybrid convenient to be driven on the road. Based on previous experience, Toyota is surely going to develop this car into next level.

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