2016 Nissan Titan Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

2016 Nissan Titan Review, Specs, Price and Release DateNissan, 2016 Nissan Titan Canada.

2016 Nissan Titan Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

2016 Nissan Titan can be the best choice for you the one who wants to get the best pickup truck. If you think that pickup truck always has a simple design and flat look, then you have to see the new Nissan Titan 2016. Definitely, this pickup truck is totally different than others because it is not only beautiful from the outside, but also it is combined with many incredible features from the inside. However, if you are wondering about the pickup truck of Nissan Titan, here are the things that you have to know.

Interior of Nissan Titan 2016

As you know that a pickup truck always has a simple design and it looks so flat, but this Nissan Titan will make you wonder because there are many high technology features inside the car. The Nissan Titan is combined with some features such as navigation system, air conditioner, audio speaker stereo, Bluetooth, and much more. Besides, a pickup truck usually only has two passenger seats, but the new 2016 Nissan Titan has four passenger seats. Even though there are four passenger seats, there is enough space inside the car that makes you feel comfortable.

Performance and Specs of Nissan Titan 2016

After you have known about the interior, then you have to know about the performance. Talking about the performance, it means you have to know about the engine. So, this incredible car is using the V-8 engine that makes the pickup truck has 213 horsepower. Furthermore, the great power is controlled by using six-speed automatic transmission. Since it is the pickup truck, rear-wheel drive is the best drivetrain you have to know. The pickup truck is usually used to pick many things whether it is big or small so that it needs a great power. Therefore, 2016 Nissan Titan is the best pickup truck that you are looking for.

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