2016 Honda Pilot Review, Price, Specs and Release Date

2016 Honda Pilot Review, Price, Specs and Release DateHonda, 2016 Honda Pilot Rear Seats.

2016 Honda Pilot Review, Price and Specs

2016 Honda Pilot Release Date – Honda has become one of the top car manufacturers today. It’s not surprising, because, their products are really satisfying. One of the newest and hottest products from Honda is Honda Pilot. Many people want to know the real 2016 honda pilot release date. But, before we talk about that, let’s take a look at the reason why this car becomes one of popular product from Honda.

The first thing that we can find is the core of Honda Pilot. This car uses V-6 3.6 liter engine. Unfortunately, this is the only spec that we can find and Honda revealed. Many car experts also predict that this car will be very similar with the Honda Acura and CR-V. The frame is very similar to Acura and the concept of this car design is very similar to CR-V, although this car is little bit smaller than the CR-V. More than that, it’s still mystery, like the exact 2016 honda pilot release date. Fortunately, there is spy photo that has been released on the internet. Base on this photo, we can say that the design of this car is quite simple. It doesn’t have too much muscle, so, we can’t say that this car is sporty car. The smaller size also makes it suitable for city drive. But, the CR-V concept makes it looks cooler. Therefore, we can conclude that this car is city car with little taste of sporty and family car. Great choice for young driver and family.

Speaking about 2016 honda pilot release date, there is no exact date like mentioned above. But, Honda said that this car will be released on fall next year. However, we can get all detail and full information and specification about this car in earlier 2015. For the price, it will be around $30,700 like the previous version of this car.

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