2016 Ford Escape an All Duty Car

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2016 ford escape is a good SUV crossover that suitable for any kind of utilization preference. The car can be utilized to inside the city and outside the city. You can use it for vacations and other functional things. The car is known to be lame due to its drawbacks on performance the new escape have new engine setting that makes it the fastest car in its class. It has considerably nice fuel economy for its class. You can have the options of all-wheel drive. The advantage of crossover still exists in this car with spacious cargo capacity with an automatic door.

The new engine is presented in two options based on car trim options. You can have the more efficient engine with the four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 1.6-liter capacity which is used in SE class that can produce 178 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque with the first acceleration to reach 60mph is 8.7 seconds.

Better 2016 ford escape engine which also turbocharged and four-cylinder with 2.0-liter capacity. This engine can produce 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque with first acceleration time at 7.0 seconds. The standard engine for this car is 2.5-liter four-cylinder which is used on the S class. This car doesn’t have AWD options and can only produce 178 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

The better the engine makes better fuel consumption on this car. The standard engine consumes fuel at 22 city/31 highway. It gets better with 1.6-liter that uses fuel at 23 city/32 highway for FWD option and 22 city/29 highway for AWD. 2.0-liter give FWD fuel consumption rate at 22 city/30 highway and 21 city/28 highway for AWD. The car has prices is different between trims which are started from the basic price at $27,184 for standard trim. 2016 ford escape 1.6-liter SE would be priced at $30,630 and 2.0 liter SE with 32,380.

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