2016 Dodge Viper the Fastest Dodge

2016 Dodge Viper the Fastest DodgeDodge, 2016 dodge viper acr wallpaper.

2016 Dodge Viper Review, Price, Specs and Photos

2016 dodge viper is an American legend that presented by dodge. The car has an exotic appearance that has been maintained until today. Curves and bulges on the car give you an impression of the sexiest car in the world. The car isn’t liked because it is cute. The car is chosen because it has the greatest appearance in the history of muscle car. It is a menace in the road with intimidating appearance that no other car can match. The long body on this car contains a V-10 engine that can produce 645-hp. The engine has 8.4-liter capacity and currently is the best engine in muscle car realm.

New release of viper car is tagged with a price of $117,895. Since this car has lots of fans you may need to start ordering right now in case you may run out of its first production. The capability of the car to accelerate could make 2016 dodge viper can reach 60 mph in 3 seconds or less. The implications of such statistic are obvious. You can get the best car with great maximum speed thus you may feel reluctant to take the car for a ride inside the city since you wouldn’t have enough room to punch the car to it real speed.

The idea of using the car for race track would lead you to different choice that released at the same time with the normal viper. ACR choice will give you a real track car fresh from the factory. The car is equipped with various body additions that promotes better aerodynamic. This is the fastest viper on the track. As usual you can’t use the car as a family car. 2016 dodge viper only has two seats and you can’t really equip this car with great sound system.

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