2016 Dodge Dakota as Valuable Touring Car

2016 Dodge Dakota as Valuable Touring CarDodge, 2016 Dodge Dakota Specs.

2016 Dodge Dakota Reviews, Specs and Price

For the most improved truck car from the previous models, 2016 Dodge Dakota brings the most valuable part on its exterior and interior. Talking about its exterior, with an aerodynamics body chassis, a truck car will look better driven in both highway and off-road. In addition, the halogen headlight that is usually applied for fog lamps really suits the design of front grille. Meanwhile, the interior that is so sophisticated really emerges that this Dodge car should be driven in highway environment rather than the off-road one. However, since this car is equipped with diesel engine, the most suitable track for such car is the off-road track.

Design of 2016 Dodge Dakota

Dealing with the design of interior for this 2016 Dodge Dakota, actually the cockpit installed on dashboard provides the most sophisticated technology. With full enhanced driving control, the power steering integrated on the powertrain is so magnificent. In addition, the 10 inches LCD screen is built in with navigation control and audio visual music player. Moreover, each door on both front seat and rear seat are designed with power window and power control that make the car looks more astonishing. With temperature control panel for each door, the car is so lavish along with authentic leather applied as seat cover. In addition, the sloping design for front view window is really car even as a touring car.

Drivetrain of 2016 Dodge Dakota

Even the release date of this 2016 Dodge Dakota isn’t mentioned yet, by knowing the review on some leaked-news, everyone really wait this car in public market. In addition, since the Dodge Dakota Diesel is applied as main engine for the car, the resulted powertrain for this touring car is really huge. Talking about the wheelers design, made from alloy material, the 21 inches rims look so firm with big tires. The pick-up cabin at the back is also functioned very well since it relies on the huge power that is generated by the main engine. With V6 engine drive integrated with 4 cylinders piston, indeed, the horsepower that can be resulted is 210 HP. The gear transmission that is installed on this touring car is two types, which are 5 speed and 6 speed transmission. Hence, the powertrain of this touring car is so astonishing.

2016 Dodge Dakota Price

With the affordable Dodge Dakota Price, which is $60.000, this car is really popular among youngsters and elders. Everyone indeed wants to have this kind of touring car at their home. Even the rear view mirrors are not integrated with turning signal lamps; the car looks so lavish along with its aerodynamics exterior design. Simply, by driving 2016 Dodge Dakota in both highway track and off-road track, the car is so magnificent.

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