2016 Dodge Charger a Great Sedan

2016 Dodge Charger a Great SedanDodge, 2016 dodge charger redesign.

2016 Dodge Charger Review, Specs and Photos

2016 dodge charger uses V-8 engine which entirely changes the idea about family sedan appearance. This is obviously strange as for the purpose of the car. Its muscular appearance makes the car too good to be mere family car. The addition of V-8 engine setting would make the car have great noise of muscular car and the capability of gaining speed at the same time. The car is presented with basic engine that can produce 292 horsepower. This standard engine isn’t V-8 but it uses V-6 that has 3.6 liter capacity. Such engine capacity and strength is standar for any car that uses hemi.

Better engine is presented in 370 horsepower that produced by V-8 engine with 5.7-liter capacity. This engine setting is great enough thus makes the idea of normal city sedan wouldn’t be suitable for this car. Such great setting has greater addition of V-8 choice that can produce 485 horsepower. This engine has 6.4 liter capacity. 2016 dodge charger can be bought with $28,460 which is actually doesn’t make sense considering the appearance and the speed it could attain. The engine power Is controlled by using eight-speed automatic transmission which is not an option. There are no other choice for this car transmission thus it leads to some annoying drawbacks

The car uses all-wheel drive setting for V-6 engine. It gives an appearance of new era of muscle car which can e suitable for city car and can give good comfort for long rage driving. The drawbacks that most people would miss in a muscle car are a gearbox. Since the car is an automatic by standard choice f manual gearbox isn’t available thus some would feel it like common muscle car. The tire and axle makes some noises and it doesn’t have good reflex to your steering thus it makes 2016 dodge charger dangerous in high speed.

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