2015 Jaguar XJ with Efficient Performance and Best Features

2015 Jaguar XJ with Efficient Performance and Best FeaturesOther Cars, 2015 Jaguar XJ White.

2015 Jaguar XJ Review, Specs and Prices

As all-new generation XJ series, 2015 Jaguar XJ appears with effective and efficient performance, features and design. In fact, this elegant 4-seat sedan has 8.6 out of 10 rating score to consider before purchasing it as a favorite personal vehicle. Well, generally, as German sedan, Jaguar XJ design is like no other. It is also supplied with efficient turbocharged V6 engine type for nice performance. On the other hand, the all-new Jaguar XJ comes with charming touch of handling and powertrain. Unfortunately, with all of those strengths regarding to the performance quality, fuel efficiency is not in a good rating score. Of course, it is true since the engine type built in this sedan is extraordinary.

Efficient Performance

Based on some reviews, 2015 Jaguar XJ performance is lighter than other Jaguar XJ sedan versions. The base form of this Jaguar XJ is about 4,200 pounds. Basically, this sedan integrates 3.0 liter of turbocharged V6 to produce powerful speed up to 340 horsepower. As the result, with great mechanical engine type and lighter weight, new 2015 XJ really can run smoother and faster than the previous versions of Jaguar sedans. Additionally, smart drive control is integrated on this Jaguar sedan to give us three selectable driver modes such as winter, dynamic and Normal mode. This smart driving technology is called Jaguar Drive Control.

Average features are involved to optimize the 2015 Jaguar XJ performance. As regular feature, touchscreen interface offers sophisticated cockpit control for anybody. Even starting at $74,200 per unit, XJ owner gets standard and advanced power system such as push start button and dual-zone climate control. There are also complete entertainment systems to keep your driving experience such as SiriusXM radio and audio system, USB port, CD player, Bluetooth and speakers. To improve this sedan quality, some standard and advanced safety systems are involved for protection. There are numerous high tech safety features we can get here including standard airbags, stability control, rear view camera, blind spot alert system and adaptive cruise control.

As like common sedan design, 2015 Jaguar XJ looks quite similar with the previous XJ released in 2011. Nonetheless, overall design is not that old. To upgrade the appearance, some Jaguar XJ colors are available to customize your sedan such as Silver and Black. This ultra-executive sedan comes with brushed aluminum surface with elegant rear roof pillar and cat-eye headlight style. Let’s turn into the Jaguar XJ interior part. Stylish heated and cooled seats are covered by the finest leather and cloth material. Although the bright detail is not too suitable for this modern XJ sedan interior, those weaknesses are completely hidden with glowing technologies attached on the cockpit area.

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