2015 Honda CR-V Reviews, Specs, Price, Changes

2015 Honda CR-V Reviews, Specs, Price, ChangesHonda, 2015 Honda CR V Canada.

2015 Honda CR-V Reviews, Specs and Price

2015 honda CR-V Reviews – CR-V series from Honda can be said as the cooler series you can find. The cool exterior design, especially the front side that has lot of muscle is the main reason why this car is really cool. But, that’s not the only reason why this series become so much popular. Like you can find on many 2015 honda CR-V reviews, the inside or the core of this car also offers really satisfying performance.

Honda use In-Line-4-Cylinder engine for this car. With capacity around 2.4 liter, this engine can produce 185 horsepower. The Eco Assist system inside this car also make this car is suitable with today’s market. As we all know, many people has increase their aware of environment and global warming effect. Therefore, this feature is one of the features that Honda uses to attract more customers to buy this product. The safety feature is also the main feature of this car. There are many safety features on this car, like Collision Mitigation Braking System, Brake assist and many more. The interior is also special. HD radio, complete audio system, MP3 player and many more are some of feature you can find inside. But, you like other 2015 honda CR-V reviews mentioned, there is one unique feature in this car like you can find on many new Honda car. This feature is the safer tune up maintenance. You don’t need to tune up this car even if you use for 100K miles.

Many 2015 honda CR-V reviews say that this car will be launched next fall. Honda hasn’t launched the official price for this car. But, many car experts predict that the price won’t be too much different than 2014 CR-V, which is around $31,450. And, this is the average price. Each 2015 CR-V model, like 2WD LX, 2WD EX, AWD LX, AWD EX, AWD EX-L 2WD EX-L, as well as 2WD Touring and AWD Touring, will have different price.

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