2015 Ford Focus ST with its Impressive Specification

2015 Ford Focus ST with its Impressive SpecificationFord, 2015 Ford Focus ST Black.

2015 Ford Focus ST Review, Specs and Price

Even the release date of 2015 Ford Focus ST isn’t officially announced, everyone must have known that both exterior design and interior design of ST type is totally different compared to other types, which are SE type and Titanium type. Here, the emphasizing parts of the differences for those three types are that the design and main material used to make it. Take a simple example, even the body painting of those Ford cars are applied with similar model, the body kit is totally different. With 5 people seating capacity, the ST type is integrated with 5 speed transmission as the same as the SE type. Meanwhile, for the Titanium type, it is optional to apply the 5 transmissions or 6 transmissions.

Interior and Exterior of Focus ST

With some similarities and differences of 2015 Ford Focus ST with other types, the interior of Ford ST is lavish for an average model. The leather wrapped cover for the steering wheel is indeed only applied for ST type. The audio system that is installed for multimedia is indeed the Sony audio system with 10 built in speakers on dashboard, doors and rear parts. In addition, the car subwoofer can be installed with adding an expansion panel on the rear part. The head restraint on the driver is also adjustable so that it helps the driver while driving in long distance. With unofficial news about the Ford Focus ST Release Date, almost everyone hope that this car is distributed in worldwide market.

Front grille of ST type is also unique since the steel material is combined with chrome material. The fog lamps for 2015 Ford Focus ST is also different compared to other models of Ford Focus so that it illuminates the brightest light. With removable configuration for the rear package tray, the body kit looks more lavish. The rear suspension itself is also designed with stabilizer bar so that it generates the precision number when the car is driven off-road. The dynamics body chassis also makes the car can run swiftly and smoothly on highway road in bad weather. The sign lamps on the rearview mirror are indeed so helpful for other drivers.

Sold for $ 23.625, this ST type is not too different from other types since the price is just affordable. In addition, the provided Ford Focus ST Specs suit the given price for such city car. With special accessories that can be connected to the car, such as lighting cable for IPhone or IPod isn’t needed since the car can connect with them wirelessly. Therefore, for those who want to purchase the latest model of Ford Focus cars; 2015 Ford Focus ST is the wise option.

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