2015 Ford Escape SE: The Special Escape

2015 Ford Escape SE: The Special EscapeFord, 2015 Ford Escape SE Front Interior.

2015 Ford Escape SE Reviews, Specs and Price

The new 2015 ford escape se is the part of Ford big remodeling project towards their one of the most popular compact SUV, the Ford Escape. There are many car reviews that state this car as the contemporary model of Ford Escape. Well, if we take a look at the shape of this new Ford Escape, there are more curves that we can find in this car than its predecessor. This new Ford compact SUV is prepared to be the challenger for other product that has established in worldwide SUV market like Honda CRV, Hyundai Tucson or Volkswagen Tiguan. Well, although this superb Ford compact SUV is not the best, it is really something that can become such a tough challenger for those big names in SUV market.

The 2015 ford escape se is the special edition of New Ford Escape package alongside with the Titanium Series. A lot of reviewers highlight the steering response of this awesome Ford compact SUV. They compare this compact SUV with big name in worldwide crossover market like Mazda CX-5. People stated that this nice compact SUV will able to give the user such a nice, crisp and highly responsive steering for an SUV. This is one of the new feature that make this stunning compact SUV will able to become such a tough competitor for other products this year.

2015 Ford Escape SE New Electronic Package

The 2015 ford escape se also carries new electronic system that is the advancement of the one that carries by the predecessor. New 10 speakers’ sound system from Sony Entertainment is installed to support the new integrated infotainment system that recently developed by ford namely the MyFord Touch. This integrated system controls all the electronic activity, besides the engine electronic system, in one screen. It controls the parking censor and camera, the GPS and the new Satellite Navigation System. This new electronic system is the presentation of modernity project that now applied by ford in their every new product.

New Engine Package

There are three different engine variants carried by the new Ford Escapee. The standard type of this awesome new compact SUV is powered by highly efficient four cylinders 2.5 liter engine that combine with automatic gearbox. Meanwhile the 2015 ford escape se is carrying the four cylinders 1.6 liter turbocharged engine with two different variants of gearbox, automatic and manual. Ford claimed that this engine has the same power and acceleration to other standard 2.5 liter engine carries by other brand like Honda or Volkswagen. However, for more performance, the stunning compact SUV is also coming with different power unit type. The four cylinders 2.0 liter EcoBoost Engine is also available for this product. This is the engine that will make this car able to perform better engine performance than any other product.

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