2015 Dodge Dart SXT Review Specs and Price

2015 Dodge Dart SXT Review Specs and PriceDodge, 2015 Dodge Dart SXT Blue.

2015 Dodge Dart SXT Review, Specs and Price

If you expect for the sporty and elegant car, 2015 dodge dart sxt can be a good candidate. As the new car from Dodge, course you can expect something better from this car. Before talking more about this car, let’s take a look to the appearance. The exterior side. You will see nothing different in here. Even the exterior design looks similar with the other Dart models such as SE, Aero, GT and Limited. This car looks simple at the design. In the other side, it also looks classy and easy to recognize. This is because of the grill and the headlight design that looks almost similar with the other Dodge car.

The interior is also pretty good. Comfortable is the first thing that you can feel. The seating position is also great. It allows the driver and the passengers get the best comfort and enjoy the trip. There also the standard features on the dashboard including multimedia feature. Talking about the engine, there is nothing special about 2015 dodge dart sxt. Compared with its competitors, it feels significantly slow. It just powered by 2 liter 4 cylinder engine with standard 160 horsepower. Maybe it looks not special, but this is enough for the daily use, especially for the urban life. The performance is also depending on the configuration. In the highest configuration, this car can produce 184 horsepower.

How about the fuel efficiency? Unfortunately, you cannot expect too much for this. The MPG rate is just about 24 in the city and 34 on the highway. The best thing about 2015 dodge dart sxt is located at the safety and the features. At the safety, it has standard air bags and the great rating of the crash test. It makes this car as the safest car in its class. The feature is also the same. This car offers the standout options and the better possibilities of personalization.

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