2015 Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck Review, Price and Specs

2015 Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck Review, Price and SpecsDodge, 2015 Dodge Dakota Price.

2015 Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck Review, Price and Specs

Strong, powerful and massive at the size, these impressions will always be found in 2015 dodge dakota pickup truck. When it talks about the look, this is not a wrong assumption. But how about the real performance? Course you will never find out about it before looking for the real performance of this car. So let’s take a look to this car.

The design, this is one of the most interesting thing about this truck actually. Dodge is really good in designing the strong look. On the front line, you can also see the character of the Dodge’s cars, and that is the grill design. Just like the other trucks, 2015 dodge dakota pickup truck also equipped with flatbed on the back side. But interestingly, the cabin is also pretty large. At least, it was designed for 4 passengers. This is why this truck looks pretty big in its class. When it comes to the interior, you can expect for the comfortable and the classy interior design. And if you do, you will not disappoint it. It has the stylist interior design that fully with the multimedia feature and the other ones. There also digital LCD display, ventilation system, air conditioner, CD player and thermometer. At least, you will get the standard features for sure.

Comes to the engine side, it likely to be equipped with 4 cylinder V6 engine. But you also need to understand it. This information is not official yet. But if this is true, you can expect for the powerful performance for sure. At least, it can produce 210 horsepower with ease. The transmission is also available in 2 options, the 5 speed automatic and the 6 speed manual transmission. How about the fuel efficiency? Maybe 2015 dodge dakota pickup truck does not have the outstanding fuel efficiency rate. But considering about the engine, 30 MPG rate looks not too bad. And if you wonder about the price, this truck will be ranging from $40,000 up to $60,000.

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